Diet Ja Vu

Diet Ja Vu


Another week, another loss.  The same as last week! I shouldn’t grumble, I had a really bad week, what with children’s poop issues and casualty and just general tiredness, crabbiness and lack of motivation, I think I did well to not gain, so I will take a 0.5lb loss!

I am back on the wagon (again) and this week I made a soup for my mother (who is doing this with me and is a MASSIVE boff and has already lost her 5% and 10lb) and myself.  The first soup I made was a bit crap tbh.   I put in frozen veg and I don’t think I realised that it would taste as watery as it did, I put that down to the veg being frozen… but I salted it up and that was the one mum was sposed to have, she was happy with it… but I made myself some soup with the only veg I had that wasn’t frozen – so potato, mushroom and onion – gotta say it wasn’t great, it was really shroomy, and I just didn’t like it, sooo we swapped soups.  Everyone’s a winner! Soup for all!

So yeah I am back on the proverbial wagon, I know I need to up my hydration, so I have got my pretty pink mason jar cup on my desk at work for water, so far I’ve had a large skimmed cappuccino, and a can of  Pepsi max cherry – so that’s going swell.

I have had my morning banana tho, and of course my soup which has like ALL the veg in it, so I think I will cut myself a little slack on the water front, until I am here next week having another diet ja vu and moaning that I should drink more water.


Rookie Error

Rookie Error

Today I made a rookie error, I opened the fridge in a state of sheer desperationstarvation.  Last night my eldest was ill, very ill – at least it appeared the world was ending and her insides were falling out, so I ended up in Casualty from 8pm til 2pm – where there was no food in sight, and I had 18 points to eat!   Needless to say I had 18 points left over yesterday – BTW the girly is fine, well she’s not fine but it wasn’t her appendix, it’s a poop situation, literally.

This left me absolutely Hank Marvin this morning, so I got up with my eyes not co-operating, I made the little one breakfast, I made her lunch – well actually she made it, I just supervised it to make sure that there was at least some sort of balanced diet going on – not just 3 Maryland Cookies, A Yoghurt never to be opened, a Nutella Sandwich (BANNED FROM SCHOOL! – damn nut allergies) and a half eaten strawberry hidden between bags of mini Buttons.    I couldn’t be arsed to sort myself out like most mornings so grabbed a banana. YAY. FRUIT!

This cut it until I got home again – I took the morning off from work to watch the eldest and make sure she lived to whine another day – and then BOOM – FRIDGE ATTACK.  Now my fridge, because of this diet, is actually full of things I could easily eat, but no, not this morning, this bad boy needed BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD things.  So, what did I end up with you ask? WHAT? A SCOTCH EGG WITH A RUNNY MIDDLE and oh my god it took all my willpower to not eat both of them.   I did point it, 7 points.. well tbh porridge is 5-7 too so wth, why not have one every morning?!

I didn’t eat anything else until lunch, but we had a Dr’s appointment and I was too busy watching reruns of The Bill to worry about thinking ahead – ANOTHER ERROR.  After the Dr’s we trudge to the little Asda and ugh, they SUCK.   The only “good for you” sandwich they had was  Chicken and Sweetcorn and I laugh in the face of Chicken and Sweetcorn and what do I grab? A 12in Pork and Stuffing Sub.  I can tell you I haven’t had anything 12in and stuffed quite so quickly in a long time.  IT WAS DELICIOUS! I just sat and ate it at my desk, then, and only then, while I was on a Pork high – I pointed it.


I know what I have done, I have let sleep and cranky and lazy make me make poor choices, but oh my god, they were some delicious effin’ choices and today I shall just be thankful my child can still whinge at me, I can still see the humour in 14 MOTHERTRUCKING POINT subs and make childish jokes about ramming 12in tasty things into my mouth.





That’s right, I have found my dieting nemesis.  It goes by the delicious, deadly name of.. CAKE BATTER.  I love to bake, I really do.. I don’t do it often though as my kitchen makes me want to stab small holes into people with a knitting needle.  I did, however, bake last week on Thursday so I had some tasty treats to take to a friends for coffee we had planned.   I could have been sensible  but I chose flavour over calorie content.  I found the most delicious recipe that involves adding not just butter, but oil to your cakes but it makes them so soft and tasty!

The cakes themselves I can leave alone  but in the gooey, gloopy format of batter – I am weak.   I made sure that bowl was clean, like I even found my scraper and I scraped that bowl the the last inch of it’s plastic life and I ate the batter. I am not ashamed (ok, a little ashamed) – but it was so damn good. SO DAMN GOOD!  I then had to try a cake, of course… and then to be polite I had to eat one while I was at my friends!

To be honest I was good for the rest of the day, I barely ate anything with calorie content but apparently that was enough to send me into a bit of a spin, and ok, I did lose.. I lost 0.5 lb, which is so much better than a gain of course, but it did set me back a little.

It’s my own fault, my willpower can be shocking – especially at weekends if I go for a drink, I can’t just stop at one! Last weekend proves this – went in to a speakeasy word of mouth secret bar that had 10 coctktails on the menu, of course we had to try them all. I only had three full ones but then I went onto another bar and had 3 more, and I can’t even remember what I had at the last one but it involved pints of cider.  BAD BAD BAD!   The first cocktails also included things like butter, and jam… so yeah, it was kinda like eating a really weird alcoholic cake – except not.

I had fun though, and I suffered yesterday and just wanted to sleep all day – but I think its out of my system now, the caking, the drinking.. I just want to be healthy and lose more this week, so hold onto your hats, VEGETABLES, I am coming for you.

Toast and Jam Muffin

Toast and Jam Muffin

So, Greggs – you know, Greggs the Baker which sells an array of tasty yet so bad for you goodies (as well as some better for you ones) – I noticed yesterday on my trip to get my youngest a sandwich that they were selling Toast and Jam Muffins.  WHAT?


Yes.  Toast flavoured muffin.  Bread flavoured cake. Whatever next?  Being a good girl, I didn’t buy one but I was intrigued, so being the wonderful brother he is (and lover of cakes) my older brother got one today at tea break (yeah we work in the same place) and he let both myself and my WW work companion buddy try a bit.  Just a small bit, and tbh that was enough.  It was ok, tasted a bit like eating a baguette with no butter on it, so pretty much just dry bread.  The muffin itself seemed a lot denser than a regular muffin, so really all Greggs have done is created a Bruffin or some Mufread, Mread, whatever you want to call it.  I can’t say I am dying to try it again, he, however, seemed happy with his purchase.

I came away with just a Skinny Capp and I had a Banana for breakfast, so I won’t be partaking in cake.   I had a super filling Dinner last night though.  I had a bunch of points left as I’d eaten soup again for Lunch and I ended up having four slices of 50/50 – toasted – with 2 scrambled eggs and some cooked plum tomatoes, it was lovely and so so filling!  I am really hoping to lose again this week but I am not sure if my weekend hindered me,  only a few days to find out.

I need to buy new jeans, so I am hoping to have lost a dress size.  I also hope to win the lottery and that David Boreanez will sweep me off my feet, think the chances of all are pretty slim by the weekend.  Damn it.

Tuesday… again.

Tuesday… again.

I have mentioned before Tuesdays are my nemesis.  They are my longest day out of the house and dinner seems to fall apart, I had every intention of putting something in the slow cooker today, but I didn’t.  So there.

Yesterday I went out with my mum too, and I hadn’t eaten that many points during the day, which left me with over 14 to use at night, which at 8pm doesn’t fill me with joy as I try not to eat too much past 7.30pm.  I didn’t know what I wanted, I made soup to bring to work today which was Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cabbage – which of course was 0 points, it tasted a little… green… so I threw 4 points worth of Light Philly into it and it creamed it up and made it taste DELICIOUS! But still, thats only 1 point per serving so THAT was no good.

What is a fat girl to to when her fridge is filled with 0 point items?! I could have had a chocolate bar,  or ten packets of crisps (ok maybe 2) or cake, oh god yes cake.  But I really fancied a Crisp Sandwich, and I was like NO HEATHER, NO YOU CAN’T… but you know what? I could and I did and I bloody loved it.  Four slices of Crustless 50/50, a light spread of butter to cement all that crap together and 1 packet of Weightwatchers Crinkle Cut Crisps. GOD – IT WAS SO GOOD.

I was puffed up like a peacock all yeahhhh mothertruckers I am on a DIET and here I am scoffing a Crisp Sandwich, ALL PRAISE THE CRISP SANDWICH.

Just another victory for a fat girl eating what she wants as long as she sticks to the rules, Diet 0 – Heather 1.


Well! I HAD A LOSS!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, I went all week and didn’t feel too hungry, I didn’t cut anything out.. I drank a LOT of Port one evening.   But I still managed a loss.  I don’t know what to put it down to, I think the fact if I snacked I made sure I snacked on fruit, or I drank water.  Instead of heading for the crisps or chocolate I had a banana or an apple.  I also made a vat of low point soup which was REALLY filling.  So my Soupmaker is now in use a lot more.   I did, however, celebrate my loss in style with more Booze, but I managed to not eat everything in sight the next day, I only have myself to blame if I don’t lose this week, but it was a really good boost to know that I can do it, and I can do it without cutting lots out.

Today I had Melba Toasts and Light Philly for lunch and it filled a hole, needed some salad to go with it really but I was too busy watching scenes from Grand Theft Auto happening in my street at 7am to worry about it, and by the time that was all over and the PoPoRozzers had left the vicinity, I had to get my kids ready and my lunch was just shoved in a bag!

I am super happy with  my first week loss, and I hopefully, shall continue! ❤

Plodding on.

Plodding on.

Here I am,  plodding on!  

I said when I started going to classes I’d not get on the scales at home,  we all know scales can be off and I told myself nope,  wait until you go the class and let that me your only time on the scales,  don’t be ruled by it.  So weigh in..  It’s kinda like a Kinder Egg,  a really shitty kinder egg with no chocolate,  no toy but if you’re lucky perhaps carrying around a little less fat.

I’ve not done so great yet today as I’ve been out and about,  I’ve had fruit,  coffee,  a slice of toast and then my stomach wigged out and I had a packet of crisps.   One of my faves,  Seabrooks Sea Salted.   Only a small bag from a multipack,  won’t be too bad.   FIVE BLOODY POINTS!! oh well,  they were great, and I shared with the dog.

In most aspects of life I am and always have beeb fairly organised,  but lately with everything going on around me I’ve just lost the art of concentration and general common sense seems to have seeped from my brain and been replaced with gibberish.

I need to plan,  meal plan,  snack plan,  life plan.  Planning is key.   Oh I guess I also have to accept my shitty Kinder Egg weigh in is better for me than a chocolate one,  so acceptance and planning.  That’s what I need.