Actually no.

I did it, I got myself up and out bright and early on a Saturday AM and I joined the local Weightwatchers meeting. I needed to do it, I need the support (aka the shame of someone weighing me).  I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find I weighed nearly 7lbs less than I thought I did, so that was nice!

The leader is lovely and the group seem really nice, and we don’t have to sit around in a circle and talk about ourselves, which is a winner in my book.  I was really pleased I went, and I started counting points right away!   I did stumble a bit on Saturday night as I went out, and I did eat, and I did drink… but I pointed it all and started back on Sunday fresh as a daisy!

My experiments with Jar Salads and Soups will continue, I am in a soupy mood at the moment, so I dug out my soupmaker yesterday and threw in a random selection – Potatoes, Mushrooms, Vege Stock, Onion and some Chorizo I found floating about (not literally, ew) and all in all it tasted pretty good, and was only 7 points for over a litre of delicious soup, which will last me three days,  GET IN!

This is my soup in all its glory

And to quote my brother “Aren’t I lucky? I got a chunky bit” – bonus points if you get the film reference.


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