Diet Ja Vu

Diet Ja Vu


Another week, another loss.  The same as last week! I shouldn’t grumble, I had a really bad week, what with children’s poop issues and casualty and just general tiredness, crabbiness and lack of motivation, I think I did well to not gain, so I will take a 0.5lb loss!

I am back on the wagon (again) and this week I made a soup for my mother (who is doing this with me and is a MASSIVE boff and has already lost her 5% and 10lb) and myself.  The first soup I made was a bit crap tbh.   I put in frozen veg and I don’t think I realised that it would taste as watery as it did, I put that down to the veg being frozen… but I salted it up and that was the one mum was sposed to have, she was happy with it… but I made myself some soup with the only veg I had that wasn’t frozen – so potato, mushroom and onion – gotta say it wasn’t great, it was really shroomy, and I just didn’t like it, sooo we swapped soups.  Everyone’s a winner! Soup for all!

So yeah I am back on the proverbial wagon, I know I need to up my hydration, so I have got my pretty pink mason jar cup on my desk at work for water, so far I’ve had a large skimmed cappuccino, and a can of  Pepsi max cherry – so that’s going swell.

I have had my morning banana tho, and of course my soup which has like ALL the veg in it, so I think I will cut myself a little slack on the water front, until I am here next week having another diet ja vu and moaning that I should drink more water.



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