Well, UH OH is right


Yep, a gain… of 3lbs!!!  It’s my own fault, I haven’t been to meetings in two weeks as I’ve been doing other stuff on a Saturday morning, went away, then the next week I was busy… soooo. DOH!   But I think the problem is if you aren’t going to a meeting (well my problem) then my mind goes WOO PARTY EAT WHAT YOU WANT! I didn’t go mad, but I did go to the seaside for a weekend and while I didn’t eat everything in sight, I did treat myself to Fish and Chips and a lovely pub pizza, as well as tried out a couple (or more) of local Ciders and had cafe cooked breakfasts.. Oopsie.

It’s ok, I was expecting a gain, although I didn’t expect it to be 3lb, but it’s probably what I need, a good kick up the bum.  So today I started with all good intentions again, the things I KNOW help me, but I slack with… these are what I need to do to focus, I find:

  • Breakfast – I must MUST make sure I have something – even if it’s little
  • Write down EVERYTHING – Sometimes I don’t do this and I really must
  • Teetotal – OK let’s not get crazy about it, but stop the going out and having drinks, be the driver!
  • Get moving – I don’t exercise and I need to, even if my knees don’t agree
  • Drink more Water – I know for a fact i’d feel better if I did!
  • Look after myself – I am so busy running around after so many others I just let myself go without much attention, that needs to change!

That’s it really, not a stunningly huge list is it.  I can and should and WILL do those things.  I did this morning, I had a banana (ooer) for breakfast and I started making my Salad in a Jar for lunch again.   I should eat more at lunch than at tea time but the staff room here is kinda small and pokey and although we have a microwave and a toaster and various fridges, I like to take things that are quick and easy with minimal faff incase I need to escape quickly, or the microwave queue is 3000 deep.

So yeah, I gained 3lbs over the last 2 weeks but I am not surprised, now to shift it again.  I have to do this!  For my health and my self confidence.



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