Kill me, Kill me NOW.

Kill me, Kill me NOW.

All I want to do is stuff my face with Chedders and left over Easter Eggs – alas, I am not.

Yesterday was day 1 back on the diet, I had a text from my leader that I think was supposed to be inspirational and helpful, instead I wanted to throw my phone at a wall.  It only said something like “let’s get back on track – think about some physical activity – let’s get you moving!” – UM NO!  That is one of my downfalls, moving.   I joined a gym last time I was super serious about weightloss and I started loving it, then things happened and life started to change a little and I just didn’t go anymore, I need to find that spirit again really.

I started again yesterday, made sure I had breakfast, had a Salad in a Jar for lunch, which usually filled a hole but, alas, this time did not.. then I went home and physically weighed out chips to have for my dinner! I had them with two fish cakes and a splattering of peas.   Yesterday felt like I was STARVING all day, today is the same, and I have a massive headache, but I am filling up on fruit and water and trying not to be a baby.

I keep trying to think of things I can have, keep telling myself I MUST plan out my weeks and meals in advance so this doesn’t happen!   Only so much fruit one can eat before you just want to burn all fruit trees and plants to the ground.

I am sat here wasting awaaaaaaaaaay, ok not so much and I just had lunch but dammit you  an cram a lot of salad in your face for free, it makes a Ham Sandwich seem paltry.  I must not stuff, I must not stuff… there’s a Greggs here, I don’t need a pie! I DON’T!

Question for anyone doing WW out there and might possibly read this:  Do you use your 49 spare points a week?  I dread to think what would happen if I did, because I tried not to for the first few weeks and barely lost a thing!

SIGH, why can’t I just go ahead and get liposuction, oh that’s right, because I want to do this the “proper” way, that and well, it’s a little unnecessary and I am also not rich.  Mmm rich.. reminds me of a Roast… GODDAMMIT NO.


9 thoughts on “Kill me, Kill me NOW.

  1. I use my weeklies, sometimes all of them, sometimes only 30 of them. You might not be losing weight because you aren’t eating enough. Try using your weeklies, it can’t hurt, right? At least after doing that for a couple weeks you will know. 🙂


  2. I am on my third go around with weightwatchers, tommorrow will be three weeks. It gets easier, I find you just have to believe in the plan, and eat your points (I know at least for me if I don’t eat all the points I don’t lose) . Also I don’t personally use the extra points, but I see nothing wrong with doing so. Good luck I will be following your journey!



  3. I use the 49 points over the week as a buffer if I go over – which right now I keep doing. 🙂 It’s weird: sometimes if I don’t touch the points I have a gain, but sometimes if I use all of them I have a loss. I would guess the amount of water you drink would be part of it, and probably what types of exercise and when it was done. BTW – if my leader sent me a text like that, I’d want to throw my phone across the room, too. It might be inspirational to some, but it sounds more like yelling like Mom did when we were being lazy. 🙂

    Definitely following you now! I am over at if you’d like to groan and laugh at my foibles. 🙂


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