It’s the “Peak” of the Week

It’s the “Peak” of the Week


Oh god, I have to laugh or i’d cry! I am still finding this a struggle and I am unsure as to why, I’ve done it before – hell, I did it a few weeks ago but this week I am just sooooooOoooOOOoooOOo HUNGRY!

I have been keeping a track on my planner (PS: If you are on WW and want to be my pal, friend, buddy, chum – my name is Heatherfev21!) and yesterday I did the good old breakfast banana again, and then my daily coffee at work at 10am – well it’s from the coffee place here, so I count it as 2 points, then for lunch I had a sandwich and I have to tell you it was a bit underwhelming.

The thing with Salad is it fills you up at the time, then you grow hungry… but then you can snack on fruit! I found having a sandwich didn’t fill me up at all, and I was still hungry – lesson learnt.  I think Carbs is my downfall really, I love them and I don’t have many meals without Carbs, but I don’t have much protein, that is another thing I need to change.

For tea I only had around 12 points left and Tuesdays are a long day for me, work until 5, then my youngest has Rainbows at 5.30, and I have to pick her up again at 6.30 and by the time I get home I really don’t want to cook a huge dinner!   This is where I need to learn to prep.  So I looked in the fridge, and the cupboards, and the freezer and was like UGH WHAT DO I WANT?! My eldest had chosen a ready meal, my youngest just wanted a snack as she’d eaten at her various after school clubs, so I opted for Crumpets and Scrambled Egg! OH MY GLOB, it was delicious.  I added a little butter and cheese to the eggs (well within allowance) and the crumpets were so soft, it was gorgeous! I didn’t know what to expect, they aren’t foods i’d normally put together, but I was well chuffed.

Went to bed hungry tho, woke up hungry, still hungry.. and now I have a massive headache to boot – that’s more down to the fact I don’t sleep much at the minute I think.

But yeah not a bad day, if only I can stop feeling so sodding hungry!   What snacks do you guys have? I tend to opt for fruit as it’s free, or I do get Graze boxes, so I will occasionally have one of those but I often go UGH, FOUR POINTS FOR SOME SEEDS? REALLY and end up going without, but then that’s what makes me snack attack!

Oh dear..


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