Ok, that’s a bit strong. Sorry.

I AM BACK!   I haven’t p0sted for a couple weeks – I have had quite a rough ride in RL the last few weeks and saw myself waving off someone for a few years very close to me – so it’s been a lot of drinking, eating and well not celebrating, but seeing a LOT of people and just basically having a good time.

That being said, I am quite surprised I went to weigh in this week and I had  gained – but only 0.5lb!!! When I say I have been out a lot, I mean A LOT, like meals out every day, drinking every day, and even the night before I must have eaten my weight in burgers – so I am not too unhappy with that!  But now that it’s all over for now – although I am left pretty emotionally distressed by whats going on – I am trying to focus on my weight and exercise now – I am going to dig out my older fitbit and then buy a new one from my WW meeting when I have some spare cash and I intend to try and do my couch to 5k.  It’s a lame excuse but I want to lose a bit of weight first – mainly because my knees are really bad and I get really sore really easily, so if I can shift just half a stone I know I’ll feel a lot better.

I usually come out of WW on a Sat and just got wild – I don’t tend to count my points on a weekend and just think of them as my dailies being used, but I counted them yesterday and OK OK, I spent 11 points on a bottle of wine, but I stuck to them! I was pretty proud of myself, and on Friday I told myself it was a car free day, and I walked everywhere – I had two friends to visit on the opposite sides of town and I walked there! Only a mere 4 miles in total but its more than I usually do.

So anyway, that’s me – I hope I can stick to it this time, I am desperately unhappy with myself and with everything happening like it is in RL day to day life,  I need to focus, hard.


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