Still dying

Still dying

Ok, not dying, but I still can’t breathe properly, have a cough and keep sneezing – but alas I made it to work!  I got a FitBit One yesterday, I decided my Ultra just wasn’t cutting it (I just wanted wireless/bluetooth syncing, sue me) and I was happy to find out I’d banged out 7k steps yesterday, didn’t do much but I am happy with that. 5k is my goal to start with, anything over that I am taking as a bonus!

I have found it to be a LOT more accurate than my vivosmart, so I am happy. I can forgive 10 steps out overall, over 100 steps out for 2 mins of typing!!!  So now I have my motivation tool! YAY!

I am not finding WW very helpful at the minute, I knew this would happen, I need the accountability of going and getting weighed, but the points just do my head in – and their database is just shocking, everything I scanned over the weekend wasn’t in there and I got very frustrated – so for now, I am keeping my membership but I have headed on over to MFP again, that’s how I lost the weight last time – MFP and exercise, this time I just need to stick to it.   We will see come next weekend on weigh in day how I have fared, but I feel I am eating a LOT more – and not unhealthy stuff either, I just feel I get more for Calorie value than I do points, and still keeping within my fat/sodium/carb targets too.

I have a lot of change going on – I am not overly happy at work which I am trying to fix, I have a lot of personal relationship type stuff going on that is really messing with my head at times and I am trying to lose weight, all that on top of having a family at home to take care of – sometimes I just want to run away!  But that won’t solve anything will it.  I’m very tearful a lot, which I guess is hormones and I do not sleep well, so throw tired and emotional into the mix and my life just seems BLEH!

But I am getting there, the 4lb loss last week has motivated me, and hopefully my FitBit will motivate me some more, I need to lose this weight and most importantly I WANT to, for me.

It’s about time I thought about ME.


One thought on “Still dying

  1. When you do run away, you know you always have somewhere to run away to… I’ll look after you and get you well again (I will make you lots of soup!) and there’s lots of nice places to go walking with me, so it’ll keep you fit, too! ❤


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