Ok, so I didn’t post after my weigh in this week, and why? Because I wasn’t a happy bunny.

I walked miles last week, at least 5 miles a day, which is a lot more than I am used to! I haven’t been taking the car anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary come rain or shine, and I am enjoying it, but I am gutted that my weigh in on Saturday morning didn’t pan out like I had hoped.

I did lose a thing.  I felt so deflated to see the numbers, I hadn’t expected to lose a lot, but I had expected a loss of some sort.  I have a few theories though, now I’m over my initial freak out.

  • The week before I lost 4lbs, but I wasn’t well – so maybe it wasn’t a true loss, the girl who weighed me said the same – maybe I gained a couple lb back, and lost it again, which is not a bad thing – just one of the perils of being unwell and losing a bunch.
  • I hate WW, I do – I liked it for a few weeks but the App is such a piece of crap.  Everything I search for or scan,  unless it is a generic food just isn’t there.  I was finding it so frustrating – as I walk around tescos trying to scan and it’s not there, so then I try to use the calculator but I have no connection cos for some reason in that particular Tesco it’s a black hole of no phoneness – I want to punch people, but I don’t.  So, I went back to MFP and I am giving that a go, now my WW sub has already been taken out my bank – so I will still go to weigh in, and if it works I may even still keep going cos I kinda like their little shop, and I like being praised for losing weight (when I do.) – so the shift in diets may not have helped – MFP told me I need to eat 1200 – but that is what it generically tells everyone who needs to lose a bunch of weight, so I worked out my TDEE and BMR and I think I have the right number, but I reached out to a friend on MFP to help me, so we will see.

It was just so disheartening.  I am not having a fun time in any way, shape or form in life at the moment and all the walking, the eating well, I thought it would brighten my day – alas it did not, but I shall keep at it.  We shall see what the scales say this week!


2 thoughts on “UGH

  1. Don’t lose heart! I used to have a good week and lose 4Ib then stay the same. It really affects the way you think but just take it with a pinch of salt. Make yourself make more of an effort this week then next week you will see the results and you will feel really good again!! My weight goes up and down so much its ridiculous – don’t give up!

    From a caring stranger 🙂 x


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