I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life.  I am now sticking to my personal plan (or trying to) and I am struggling a little with my macros.  I have been told that to just try my best to stick to them, but I am finding it hard at times!  High Carb days leave me feeling SOOOO bloated and gross, and tired.  But I haven’t been sleeping well either so I need to sort that out.   I love high protein days though – however, I do struggle to eat 150g of protein a day while keeping my carbs at 100, so high carb days do have an upside, although then it’s a low fat day!  I have digits flying through my brain!   I am also sticking to my work outs, they aren’t massive or huge but I feel like I am doing something, and sticking to my 7k minimum steps a day too – still need to drink more water though – swings and roundabouts.

I did, however, lost 2.6lbs last week, so I was dead chuffed!

The other things overwhelming me is that I seem to have chosen to do a bunch of things at the same time, and my time management is shocking.  I have started to retake my Maths GCSE, I am doing the dieting/working out, I am trying to keep on top of the house work etc and sort the clutter out, and I am also learning new things at work but also considering my future and where I could go/what I can do.  That’s all on top of relationships and organising a hen party and trying to fit into a dress for a wedding (not mine, boo) – I feel a little head explodey!  I need to schedule times for things and stick to it.

Mon/Tues I struggle – I work until 5 and then my youngest has a club on the Tues until 6.30, so I barely touch the ground at home until 7pm,  and Tues is a high protein day so I just tend to ram meat in my mouth (if you know what I mean – hurr) and Mondays I have to collect her from my mums after work and because I now walk everywhere it takes longer and then I get home and the house is a mess and there are teens lounging around in it drinking all my fizzy vimto and cooking scrambled eggs in every bowl in the house in the microwave and I just feel like I want to lose my shit!

Nobody really does a thing in the house but me – fair enough there are other jobs and schools and study to take into consideration, but I am not just a housewife, I work, I am trying to study myself, I am trying to get fit and healthy and do a billion things at once and I am not superwoman.  Needless to say I lose the plot fairly often, but I don’t want to. SCHEDULE AND PLAN! That is what I must do.

Maybe the slow cooker needs to come out on a Mon/Tues, or a quick dinner like Jacket Spuds at the ready, or maybe the teen can show some initiative and try cooking (probably not tho – eh).  Weds/Thurs/Fri I don’t feel so bad, I only work half a day Weds,  but I tend to go home, relax and then it’s school pick up time.  Thurs/Fri the last few weeks I’ve tried to be social, meet friends, do things.. I need to not do that so often I think – spend some quiet time studying or cleaning the house – but UGH.. the lure of toddlers and babies and friends and lunches are too much!

I’m also broke, permanently.   But.. I do have a 4 day trip to Paris planned with a girlfriend, so I am looking forward to that in August.


My legs are broken

My legs are broken

Technically the title is a lie, but still.

SO! WHATS THE HAP?! I gained 1lb last week and wanted to stab everything, but – I didn’t.  I have taken on help with my diet/training from a lovely guy – he’s worked out all my calories and macros as well as exercises – I started it on Sunday!   I am going to have higher carbs/cals on Training Days and lower carb/cals on Non-Training Days… sounds easy enough right? WRONG!  I was supposed to have so many more carbs yesterday than I did – but I will get there, I am determined!   My aim exercise wise is to walk 7-10k steps a day which I do usually anyway, and also on a Mon I do KettleBells, Weds I do Body Stuff and on Fri I do KettleBells again.

So last night I did 3 sets of 20 reps (each arm) of 4 different KB Exercises which might not sound tons but OH MY GOD!!  As soon as I moved from the spot my feet felt like they were enclosed in concrete, getting up and down the stairs was a laugh – and today I am still kinda feeling it – but that is a GOOD thing, right!?  See this isn’t a restrictive diet as such, it’s a lifestyle change – it’s my last attempt at finding something that works well for me and getting fit too.

His advice was that the scales will go up and down – they just will – this is about losing inches and getting lean, and that is ok, I can live with that.  If I can fit into smaller clothes the scales can say whatever they want! NO1CURR!

I’ve also started redoing my Maths GCSE in a bid to further myself in that way – want to die already! I was a little tender Sunday morning as i’d had a bit of pop Saturday night and I looked at it and wanted to weep, but I did some more yesterday and felt more positive.   So there is that too.

I’m trying to make so many changes in my life I need to remember it’s ok to slow down at some point and just relax – I don’t want to burn out.

So yeah, how are YOU guys?  Any tips for low carb/high protein foods? or high carb/low fat meals?! I need some ideas!

Sup, Nuggets.

Sup, Nuggets.


It’s been a loooooong week.  I’ve taken on some nutritional/exercise advice from someone who knows, like REALLY knows.  So this week I dubiously upped my calories and added way more protein than I was used to eating, on their advice.  I say dubious because I panic when calories go up that I am going to go up with them, even though I keep reading EVERYWHERE sometimes less isn’t more, sometimes more means best.  So I did, not by a huge amount, an amount I was comfy with.. and I am happy to say I lost 5.5lbs this week! (I did weigh naked, so give or take 1lb for my dress I normally wear when I get weighed in public).   I’m happy! I didn’t eat LOADS, but I did make sure my protein was up, my fat didn’t go over and I still had carbs, albeit probably a little less than I am used to, but still sensible amounts.  I don’t want to cut anything out, I want something sustainable.

I feel stuffed all the time though, which is hard going, I do not do well with feeling full, it makes me feel a little sick, but I think it’s all about balancing, not stuffing and stuffing in one meal, little and often.

Still, its a nice dent in my weight and I hope this week I can follow it up with 1 or 2lbs to match!


I am on MFP as willowzee, also on fitbit as willowzee, and shockingly, on instagram as heatherfev21 if anybody feels like following or wants to be friends.



I appear to have fallen off mine and lost it!

Well technically that isn’t true, I am still on it, but I decided to quit WW.  I have spent over £90 so far and lost approx 4lbs.  It just isn’t for me this time, for whatever reason.  I have been speaking to someone that has lost a bunch of weight and he’s advising me at the minute, so I’ll give THAT a shot.  So far it looks like I have to exercise more (BOO) and eat wayy more calories and protein (YAYY but maybe BOOOO).

Anything at this point is worth a shot!   I didn’t do much exercise last week – mainly because I was in so much agony.  I had a bout of Torticullis – and got put on cocodamol and diclofenac and I could barely move for a few days, but I am feeling a lot better and today I have started walking again.

So that’s about it really, I do feel like giving up, but I won’t – I’ll just try another way.  Who doesn’t want to stuff their face full of protein?! And to be honest last time I exercised more I know I felt better  for it AND saw changes – so.. here we go again.