I appear to have fallen off mine and lost it!

Well technically that isn’t true, I am still on it, but I decided to quit WW.  I have spent over £90 so far and lost approx 4lbs.  It just isn’t for me this time, for whatever reason.  I have been speaking to someone that has lost a bunch of weight and he’s advising me at the minute, so I’ll give THAT a shot.  So far it looks like I have to exercise more (BOO) and eat wayy more calories and protein (YAYY but maybe BOOOO).

Anything at this point is worth a shot!   I didn’t do much exercise last week – mainly because I was in so much agony.  I had a bout of Torticullis – and got put on cocodamol and diclofenac and I could barely move for a few days, but I am feeling a lot better and today I have started walking again.

So that’s about it really, I do feel like giving up, but I won’t – I’ll just try another way.  Who doesn’t want to stuff their face full of protein?! And to be honest last time I exercised more I know I felt better  for it AND saw changes – so.. here we go again.



2 thoughts on “ATTN: LOST WAGON

  1. I actually think you’re making the right choice giving up WW. It’s all very gimmicky, and you won’t achieve weight loss through gimmicks! You achieve it by self motivation and making sensible choices. And on those occasions when your choices aren’t especially sensible, just forgive yourself and move on… but make sure you keep the motivation! Love ya!


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