Sup, Nuggets.

Sup, Nuggets.


It’s been a loooooong week.  I’ve taken on some nutritional/exercise advice from someone who knows, like REALLY knows.  So this week I dubiously upped my calories and added way more protein than I was used to eating, on their advice.  I say dubious because I panic when calories go up that I am going to go up with them, even though I keep reading EVERYWHERE sometimes less isn’t more, sometimes more means best.  So I did, not by a huge amount, an amount I was comfy with.. and I am happy to say I lost 5.5lbs this week! (I did weigh naked, so give or take 1lb for my dress I normally wear when I get weighed in public).   I’m happy! I didn’t eat LOADS, but I did make sure my protein was up, my fat didn’t go over and I still had carbs, albeit probably a little less than I am used to, but still sensible amounts.  I don’t want to cut anything out, I want something sustainable.

I feel stuffed all the time though, which is hard going, I do not do well with feeling full, it makes me feel a little sick, but I think it’s all about balancing, not stuffing and stuffing in one meal, little and often.

Still, its a nice dent in my weight and I hope this week I can follow it up with 1 or 2lbs to match!


I am on MFP as willowzee, also on fitbit as willowzee, and shockingly, on instagram as heatherfev21 if anybody feels like following or wants to be friends.


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