My legs are broken

My legs are broken

Technically the title is a lie, but still.

SO! WHATS THE HAP?! I gained 1lb last week and wanted to stab everything, but – I didn’t.  I have taken on help with my diet/training from a lovely guy – he’s worked out all my calories and macros as well as exercises – I started it on Sunday!   I am going to have higher carbs/cals on Training Days and lower carb/cals on Non-Training Days… sounds easy enough right? WRONG!  I was supposed to have so many more carbs yesterday than I did – but I will get there, I am determined!   My aim exercise wise is to walk 7-10k steps a day which I do usually anyway, and also on a Mon I do KettleBells, Weds I do Body Stuff and on Fri I do KettleBells again.

So last night I did 3 sets of 20 reps (each arm) of 4 different KB Exercises which might not sound tons but OH MY GOD!!  As soon as I moved from the spot my feet felt like they were enclosed in concrete, getting up and down the stairs was a laugh – and today I am still kinda feeling it – but that is a GOOD thing, right!?  See this isn’t a restrictive diet as such, it’s a lifestyle change – it’s my last attempt at finding something that works well for me and getting fit too.

His advice was that the scales will go up and down – they just will – this is about losing inches and getting lean, and that is ok, I can live with that.  If I can fit into smaller clothes the scales can say whatever they want! NO1CURR!

I’ve also started redoing my Maths GCSE in a bid to further myself in that way – want to die already! I was a little tender Sunday morning as i’d had a bit of pop Saturday night and I looked at it and wanted to weep, but I did some more yesterday and felt more positive.   So there is that too.

I’m trying to make so many changes in my life I need to remember it’s ok to slow down at some point and just relax – I don’t want to burn out.

So yeah, how are YOU guys?  Any tips for low carb/high protein foods? or high carb/low fat meals?! I need some ideas!


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