Hi, again.

Hi, again.

Hey, it’s been a while.. again.

I am not on the wagon, the wagon went over the cliff, it’s smashed to pieces at the bottom of a ravine.   That being said, I am not being TERRIBLE.   I am just not fretting right now, I have so much other stuff going on that I am try to fix/do that I needed a break from something, and obsessing over my weight was one of the things to be pushed aside.

I am going to join Slimming World again, I think.  Or I may just calorie count with exercise, I am leaning toward SW purely so I have a support network, and it was the healthiest diet I have ever been on!  The lack of cheese disturbs me tho, god I love cheese.

I am off to Paris in a week or so, and my plan thus far is to fill my face with Camembert for EVERY meal (or as I’ve renamed it, Camembae).  Perhaps slide  a few cakes down my neck, who knows, but I am not going to hold back, I do not do Holidays much, and I have never been abroad (well unless you count Denmark when I was 3) so I plan to enjoy it above and beyond!  Then shortly after that I am off to Cornwall for a few days to see friends, there will be ( I hope ) a lot of fun and food to be had there also.

My will isn’t that strong at the moment, but my motivation is growing, I need and WANT to shift weight, but I need to be in the right frame of mind or it becomes a chore.

Nobody loves chores.