RUH OH – Weigh in DAY!

RUH OH – Weigh in DAY!

Today is the first weigh in day! I am hopeful that I have lost about 3, but probably more like 2, anything over nothing would be a bonus though, right?  I did have a cheeky glass of wine (or 3) on Friday night, and I did have 3 custard creams that I didn’t syn yesterday in a whirlwind of regret.  But ho hum, other than that I’ve been quite good.

I have gone mental (ok 2 days on the trot – but I forsee many in my future) for Overnight Oats – today’s was SYN FREEEEE! Cos I remembered it was my HExb, I won’t be eating any dinner before weigh in, and I am making tuesday “light” food days.

ANYWAY this was my breakfast (well 10amish) and lunch:


Breakfast was DELICIOUS!  Salad was ok for lunch, it was 3pp cos I had olive oil in there, but it really could have done with some meat or pasta, I’ll be ravenous by weigh in!



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