A Bit of a Panic!

A Bit of a Panic!

So,  tomorrow is weigh in day and I am in a bit of a panic.  I’ve had to eat out TWICE this week – and the first time I was good and swapped fries for jacket potato, but I did have two cocktails, and the 2nd time I had no choice but pizza or tacos, so opted for pizza – only eating 2 slices.  I have been on track the rest of the week.  I made the mistake of weighing myself this evening.  Yesterday morning I was half an lb away from being in the next stone bracket down, today – after food mind you – I am 4.5lbs OVER that bracket and I am in a flap that I won’t have lost anything tomorrow evening 😦

I am going to be lucky if I have lost anything, hell I’ll be lucky if I’ve maintained!  I have mixed up the diet a bit this week and eaten a lot of pasta, which I normally steer away from, so maybe that won’t suit me at all.

No point in worrying but I so desperately want to do well!  SIGH! WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW!


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