Weigh in – Week 5!

Weigh in – Week 5!

So i’ve been on teh diet 5 weeks now! Is it for weeks? I’ve had 6 weigh ins so I guess yes, 5 weeks following the diet.

1lb loss this week! I can’t say I am thrilled, but I know that any loss is a loss, huge or not, and that takes my total to 11lbs lost in those 5 weeks now! So thats not so bad. I shouldn’t  complain!   I am going to go back to basics a bit this week, I’ve been trying new recipes which are great and it’s good to do, but I get so bogged down with trying new things that I sometimes let my eating habits slip.  I don’t eat over my syns or anything, but if I’m spending hours perfecting a bake, or trying something new, I get tired and i’m like MEH when it comes to eating, whereas the first week I was stuffing my face with chicken laden jacket potatoes and salad and loving it AND losing lots more weight, so I’m going to get back a bit more to that, just see how it goes!

We had a taster night at group, I made speed soup which NOBODY tried, BOO!  But that’s ok, my mum took it home for the week lol.   I tried some bits and bobs, some I didn’t care for, but there was a lovely weetabix/scan bran chocolate cake!   I haven’t tried that yet, but to be honest I am not a hugely sweet toothed person, I do love to partake in cake,  but savoury is my downfall.  If it’s hot and pizza shaped and filled with cheese, I am there.  If it’s a massive pack of salty crisps, I’ll have two!  Cakes I can take or leave, which is ironic as that’s what I’ve been trying to recreate on SW!  Although I did make my own crisps and they were delicious, I needed them a bit thinner tho so I went out and bought a Mandoline. HURRAH!

So here starts another week. I did get in last night after a syn free day and enjoy about 20 syns of carby pretzel goodness (I spotted the red cheese and onion ones in Waitrose and I couldn’t say no!) but I always tend to use weigh in night as a free night, I eat light in the day, treat myself at night and then BAM Wednesday morning back on track!

So yeah, happy days.  Sorta.


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