A sight for sore eyes

A sight for sore eyes

This morning I got on the scales, which I told myself I would not do anymore, but the pull is too strong at times! Weigh day is tomorrow so anything could happen between now and then.

I have 2.5lbs to go to get my 1st Stone Award! I think I’ll be around half an lb off of getting it this week, but at least its achievable for the week after, huh! ANYWAY! I got on the scales this morning and yeah ok fresh from having my morning toilet break and not having eaten since 7pm the night before, but I was BELOW the target for my stone! I am ok with it taking another 2 weeks to get there, rather than starve myself to get there quicker, but I was overwhelmingly happy to see a number on the scales that I haven’t seen in a LONG time. If I keep on going as I am doing and fall into the next St bracket down I will be in a bracket I haven’t seen in ages.

I am so happy about this!!! It really has been so much easier this time around, not sure if its because I am more determined, or that I’ve grown up a little since the last time I tried SW and I no longer really go out and drink, and I can’t afford 5050493 takeaways a week (or at least that’s what I tell my kids) so maybe thats why I am finding it easier, I am sure I won’t once I start to plateau, but I haven’t even been disheartened when I’ve only lost 0.5lbs, I was a bit when I maintained but I didn’t give up like I previously would have done, I picked myself up and tried again.

It’s not a diet, its a lifestyle change. I don’t go without, infact I had a whole slice of homemade whipped cream filled victoria sponge at a friends last week with coffee, and I did feel a twinge of UH OH scales will kill me, but I wanted it, and tbh it would have been rude not to! 😛


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