Oh dear.

Oh dear.

It’s weigh in day, a day that normally strikes fear into the hearts of dieters all the world over, I normally do not have that fear, alas, today… I do.

I lost my 1st Stone last week, then the kids went away with their grandparents and I suddenly has a week to myself, and it all went a bit wrong.  I didn’t end up planning out dinners like I usually do, instead I skipped one here, ate at Starbucks for one there, and before I knew it I was out with my brother eating all you can eat buffet a PIZZA HUT of all places!!! I told myself I’d have all the free Salad, yeah no, I had pizza.  Not loads, but enough, too much. OH DEAR.

So I am not looking forward to weigh in, I’m telling myself I’ve probably put on 2lbs, I will be happy if its that or lower, well not happy, but I accept it, it’s my fault.  I got lazy and celebratory. SILLY GIRL! THAT ISN’T HOW THIS WORKS!  I even toyed with the idea of not going tonight, it’s my youngests birthday and I was all… ooh thats a good excuse, but I know what I am like, once I let that cog turn in such a way I’ll be not going every other week and shovelling mars bars in non stop.  So I will go, and I will face the music, and I will get back on that horse and lose it all and more for the next week.

Well I already got back on the horse, but I will stay on it.  I won’t let this iffy week defeat me, it was my own fault, choices I made, but thats how it works sometimes, we can’t always be perfect even if we are always in control.  I honestly don’t feel like I am dieting anyway, I just went a bit mad with the boredom of being with no kids and having no need for as much structure! WELL! LESSON LEARNED! I DO NEED STRUCTURE!

I am trying not to beat myself up over a week, I know I can do it! I have done it!  I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

On a side note, I ate a Reeses PB Pumpkin yesterday on a whim, the crashed out on teh sofa for 2 hours and felt like absolute ASS afterwards, that’s put me off chocolate for a bit, at least!



2 thoughts on “Oh dear.

  1. We have a habit of punishing ourselves when we fall off track. It’s an issue I speak with my clients about quite frequently. So you had a particularly bad meal, don’t punish yourself, accept that you ate it and move on. Too often we think “well I had pizza, may as well have soda, cookies, take out and candy too.” You have the perfect mentality approaching this. Wishing you well in the future (: You’ve got this !!


  2. Well done for going! Always hard to do that when you expect a gain and yet so important too. I had similar this week, wrote about how I cope with a gain as I’ve had to pick myself up this week too. Hope your weigh in wasn’t too disasterous! x


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