HOHOHO! I love Christmas!   I am not one to overindulge in chocolates (hahaha yes I am! – although I prefer to stack them, just ask my friends, it’s nigh on impossible to stack those sodding purple ones!), I don’t like Christmas Cake or Pudding, and I only really took to Minces Pies in the last 2 years and I can still take them or leave them, but I AM a sucker for Christmas Dinner.  GOOD NEWS THO!  On SW most of Christmas Dinner is FREE (if cooked right) and I am soo so sosososososo looking forward to mine this year.

It does, however, mean… SOCIAL NIGHTMARES.   I have invites to 2 work meals as of now, one I have declined and the other I am organising.  I chose us a nice rural pub setting with an abundance of choices on the menu and as of 10 minutes ago I have chosen to have a Salmon and Prawn Roulade for Starter, followed by Traditional Turkey for Main!  I have avoided choosing or opting to have a pudding so far, none of them really tickle my fancy and I am, right now, in the spirit of behaving.

I am on a health kick at the minute and drinking isn’t on my radar – for a few reasons really. 1) I don’t like getting drunk and feeling like a complete prat 2) it’s not good for you on this diet, moderation is definitely key and I am happy with one tipple, then on to soft drinks, if I must! 3) it’s expensive, and I have better things I can be buying 4) I think I’m over the drinking phase of my life – special occasions yes!  day to day drinking? not so much.

That being said I am looking forward to a weekend away soon with my friends!  Bumder-day is approaching and usually we end up with some babybels and a bottle of Port of which I drink a pint of, as it’s the traditional Christmas challenge! (by tradition, I mean ours and by ours I mean mostly mine – Lolly did it twice but I think shes not allowed any more, and doesn’t want to die or lose her liver – BAH!) and I am going to enjoy myself immensely! I am going to be sensible tho.

Drinking hasn’t proved a problem for me so far, I haven’t missed it, I feel better for it, I am better off money wise, and when I have been in the situation to drink I’ve gone for a vodka and diet coke, no bloaty beer or sugar laden alchopops, and wine just turns me into a nutter, or a asleep… swings and roundabouts.

I bet I sound like a right bore now!  But I am so motivated, I am tired and I am weary and I have a lot of stuff going on in my personal life that I want to smack myself in the head for, but I am in control of this and I feel good for making plans to continue, and after the small victory of no gain last night, I needed to pat myself on the back a bit, so thought i’d write it down!


One thought on “CHRISTMAS!

  1. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon! Especially when you’ve got events coming up with you know will definitely take you off plan! I suppose it’s a case of making sure when you go off plan it’s just for that day or night then draw a line and back on it which is easier said than done! Being hungover is not the ideal way to get back on track 🙈


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