Well, the wagon hit a rock on Saturday night!  It’s ok, it was planned.  I was meeting up with some girlfriends in London, and although I didn’t plan to get totally rat-faced, that kinda did happen – even though I didn’t really drink that much! The Vodkas werent even doubles, I did, however, do my usual “Pint of Port” thing (It’s a thing – totally a thing) and ended up drinking most of the whole bottle, needless to say I felt a bit tender most of Sunday, and peckish.

I haven’t really had a “proper” drink in the last 8mths give or take a few nights out, so going full throttle like that probably wasn’t so smart.  I really loved the Cheese and Onion Crisps the next day tho, oh and the McD’s, and the fries and by th end of Sunday I was pretty much just slathering myself in food and writhing around going OH MY GOD I MISS EATING 20 PACKETS OF CRISPS IN ONE GOOOO.

I did fear that may be the start of a slippery slope for me, but this morning I am back to fruit for breakfast, and houmous (hummus, humus, chickpeabatter, whatever) and carrot sticks for lunch.  I need to write this down to remind myself that ONE bad day (or weekend) isn’t the end of the world – if I gain weight this week I will know why and I can rectify that.  Although part of me is so disappointed because since restarting Slimming World I have either maintained or lost, and I have lost more this time round than on any other diet!   So I must keep up with it.

I have ordered myself a new slow cooker, I already have one, but I saw one on someones instagram that had blue LED lights and is full on glass so you can see everything and I decided I must have it.  So I hunted it down and purchased it, I hope it arrives soon, I want to start using it now winter is here. STEWS ALL ROUND!

Anyway, its Monday – weigh in day tomorrow and I am feeling a little tired and worn out, I really need to sort my life out! I say this all the time and never actually do sort anything out, but I am sure more sleep would help, and more water, I can do this. I HAVE THIS. I got this.

I do.


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