WOW – What a weekend!

WOW – What a weekend!

That heading makes it seem like this post will be more interesting than it actually will be. Apologies for that.

Anyone that knows me knows that I do not speak up regularly – people seem to think i’m this kind of mega extrovert but I am sooooo not. I am socially awkward and suffer with immense amounts of anxiety – but I do mask it well. Most people have laughed when they have discovered I suffer terribly with anxiety because they think it’s so far from the person they know – but I think when i’m in a situation I just get on with it – afterwards I analyse it and freak out. Anyway – I manage it well now and it’s all good.

But this means that I do NOT ever really give opinions on anything. I tend to keep my mouth shut and only share an opinion with close friends etc. I most definitely do not speak up on public platforms – but yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I have seen SO much rubbish being posted about the whole George Floyd thing, the protests, life in general. I truly believe everyone can have their own opinions and they do not have to match mine at all. But sometimes, just sometimes, their opinion is SO VERY wrong and their comments are very misplaced and just plain dumb. So I found myself sucked in to a conversation yesterday and it ended with me feeling bad. Not bad because someone disagreed with me, bad because they went out of their way to paint me as a terrible person because they had shocking grammar and me being me, pointed that out.

I probably shouldn’t have done as that is what people do to derail the actual point in hand – but I did. Not my proudest moment but immediately this guy made me feel like an awful person because he can’t use your/you’re properly and came at me all guns blazing. Now I don’t particularly care about his opinion at all (because he was a massive idiot), but it did spike my anxiety and I told myself – NO MORE IDIOTS ON THE INTERNET.

Social media can be so very toxic and I would not want to be a child in this day and age growing up with it. I play online games and people can be real asshats behind a screen and a keyboard. I have found the older I get the less tolerant of people being horrible I am, especially since losing my dad a couple of months back during lockdown and having to cope with everything the world was throwing at me – I have definitely become a lot less tolerant for peoples idiocy.

Anyway, quick rant whilst on a break!


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