Sup, nuggets? MMM NUGGETS!

WELL! I’ve had a pretty darn tootin’ good week – but I don’t think I’ve lost anything again! BOO! I had a bit of a meltdown on my groups FB page and was all WAAAAAH, but like people pointed out, I lost 7lbs over two weeks, not losing for a week or two isn’t a bad thing, it could be that my body is adjusting, and no matter what I am still putting healthier things into it.

Sometimes with SW I don’t think I eat enough, some days I don’t have any syns at all, I rarely reach 15, so next week I think I am going to try and start eating at LEAST my 5 a day, I did that for the first two weeks and oh look, I lost weight!  But the scales will tell tomorrow, also I’ve measured myself, so maybe I’ll have lost half an inch or something instead of a lb!

I did my first attempt yesterday at the Slimming World Roulade.  Boy oh BOY was I surprised at how well it turned out and how tasty it was! Definitely no Victoria Sponge with lashings of buttercream, but a good fix for a sweet tooth.

Here it is! I was soooo proud of it! I honestly thought it would taste like cold sugary omelette with yoghurty soft cheese and fruit, but it didn’t and it definitely did the trick,  that whole thing up there is 3syns for the ENTIRE thing, and that only happened because I shoved a White Chocolate Options sachet in with the Quark mixture for a bit of a better taste.

Here is the recipe:

Serves 1-6 (depending on how greedy you’re feeling!)

Virtually syn-free on all plans


250g quark

4 eggs

5 tablespoons granulated sweetener

1 teaspoon baking powder (0.5 syns)

2 x 1 teaspoons vanilla extract

100g 0% fromage frais (or muller light/whatever)

fruit of your choice, or you could use jam (2 syns per tablespoon)


Separate the eggs and beat the whites until stiff

In another bowl, mix the yolks, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, baking powder, half the quark and 4 tablespoons of the sweetener

Whisk half of the egg whites into the yolks mixture, then carefully fold in the rest

Pour mixture into a tray lined with baking paper. Bake in a pre-heated 180C oven for 20 minutes or until golden and cooked

Mix the remaining quark, fromage frais, 1 tablespoon sweetener and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I added White Chocolate Options at this point too – 2.5 syns)

Spread the fromage frais mixture over the cooled cake and top with fruit (I used 150g raspberries) or jam or whatever (remember to syn!)

Roll up and serve

The eldest child had some, other ppl had some, some looked at it and was like LOLNOPE – but overall, I am impressed!


Weigh Day Number 2!

Weigh Day Number 2!

HAYYY YOU GUIIIIIIISE – I DID IT!  I lost 3lbs this week to get to my first half a stone and just 2 weeks in! Now, I do have a lot to lose (well, a few stone) but I am so so so so CHUFFED!

I got my nifty little sticker and they asked if I wanted a certificate and of course I was all HELLL YEAH! I want to document my achievements so that it spurs me on!   If I get to 1stone lost I get a present (not from Slimming World, obvs) – so that is motivation in itself! Well that and you know, being healthy and shit.

Apparently I have lost the equivalent of 30 sticks of butter, I did say I wonder if I ate 30 sticks of butter if I’d put 7lbs on, and then it was suggested I use Nangerine™ (you know, that butter you used to have at your Nans that tasted like cheap margarine but wasn’t? Yeah I trademarked that – REALLY REALLY) – but I think I’ll give it a miss.

I did keep a diary this week and I was quite surprised by the fact that I lost as much because I thought I ate a lot!

My typical day consists of fruit when I wake up and a fizzy drink (soz water, you just don’t cut it) – then I have a skinny latte/capp around 10am at work, at around 10.30 I have my overnight oats (god bless them) and then I have my lunch which is usually syn free, or just a handful of syns and then at night I cook something, I’ve had mince, chicken and even garlic bread this week – and I also had a whole bottle of low calorie wine (yum) at my besties for catch up night along with crackers, cheese and meats that were not syn free in any way shape or form so I am over the moon!

One thing I did do last week was make my own SW Donuts:

I was very skeptical – but they turned out great.  Recipe is:

  • 1 Wholemeal Roll (I used my HExB)
  • Filling if desired (I used 1.5 syns of Jam)
  • Frylight
  • Sweetner

You poke a hole in the roll, fill with your filling (or I guess you could cut the roll with a cutter and make ring donuts, no filling needed and less syns), spray with frylight, roll in sweetner and then lob in a hot oven (about 180/200) for around 10 mins.  VOILA!

I was so surprised at how good it tasted, I really did just expect it to taste like a hot jam sandwich.  I guess if you can’t use your HExB it is a hefty synned treat at around 6syns depending on your size of roll, but hey – it’s lower than a regular donut!

I am excited for next weeks weigh in now, I just hope I keep it up – I’d be happy (I wouldn’t really) with 1lb a week, lose a stone and a bit before Christmas!  I know I need to up my exercise but I always feel better doing that after I’ve shifted a few lbs, my knees are not the best.


RUH OH – Weigh in DAY!

RUH OH – Weigh in DAY!

Today is the first weigh in day! I am hopeful that I have lost about 3, but probably more like 2, anything over nothing would be a bonus though, right?  I did have a cheeky glass of wine (or 3) on Friday night, and I did have 3 custard creams that I didn’t syn yesterday in a whirlwind of regret.  But ho hum, other than that I’ve been quite good.

I have gone mental (ok 2 days on the trot – but I forsee many in my future) for Overnight Oats – today’s was SYN FREEEEE! Cos I remembered it was my HExb, I won’t be eating any dinner before weigh in, and I am making tuesday “light” food days.

ANYWAY this was my breakfast (well 10amish) and lunch:


Breakfast was DELICIOUS!  Salad was ok for lunch, it was 3pp cos I had olive oil in there, but it really could have done with some meat or pasta, I’ll be ravenous by weigh in!


RIGHT – Is this thing on?!

RIGHT – Is this thing on?!

I did it. I rejoined Slimming World – yes I know, I’ve done this, I’ve done that, I’ve done nothing, I’ve done everything but Slimming World really worked for me last time.  I bit the bullet and rejoined last week – tomorrow is my first weigh in!

This week I have found it so far so good! Filling up on Free foods and trying to have at LEAST 5 syns a day, mixing up my HExa and HExb’s so I don’t get bored.

I had the most delicious Overnight Oats earlier, 35g of Oats for HExb, a Muller Light Cheesecake (1syn) and raspberries and blueberries. OH MY GOD, it was so so SO delicious! and so filling! I had it around 10.20am as I don’t like to eat early and I was still stuffed by lunch!

I forgot i’d made myself a sandwich tho to use my HExb, and I can have two on SP days, so my log counted it as an extra one of those, it would be around 6syns normally tho, still not bad for such a filling and tasty thing!  I am so making those buggers over and over until they come out of my eyes.

So yeah, WATCH THIS SPACE. I am determined.

My legs are broken

My legs are broken

Technically the title is a lie, but still.

SO! WHATS THE HAP?! I gained 1lb last week and wanted to stab everything, but – I didn’t.  I have taken on help with my diet/training from a lovely guy – he’s worked out all my calories and macros as well as exercises – I started it on Sunday!   I am going to have higher carbs/cals on Training Days and lower carb/cals on Non-Training Days… sounds easy enough right? WRONG!  I was supposed to have so many more carbs yesterday than I did – but I will get there, I am determined!   My aim exercise wise is to walk 7-10k steps a day which I do usually anyway, and also on a Mon I do KettleBells, Weds I do Body Stuff and on Fri I do KettleBells again.

So last night I did 3 sets of 20 reps (each arm) of 4 different KB Exercises which might not sound tons but OH MY GOD!!  As soon as I moved from the spot my feet felt like they were enclosed in concrete, getting up and down the stairs was a laugh – and today I am still kinda feeling it – but that is a GOOD thing, right!?  See this isn’t a restrictive diet as such, it’s a lifestyle change – it’s my last attempt at finding something that works well for me and getting fit too.

His advice was that the scales will go up and down – they just will – this is about losing inches and getting lean, and that is ok, I can live with that.  If I can fit into smaller clothes the scales can say whatever they want! NO1CURR!

I’ve also started redoing my Maths GCSE in a bid to further myself in that way – want to die already! I was a little tender Sunday morning as i’d had a bit of pop Saturday night and I looked at it and wanted to weep, but I did some more yesterday and felt more positive.   So there is that too.

I’m trying to make so many changes in my life I need to remember it’s ok to slow down at some point and just relax – I don’t want to burn out.

So yeah, how are YOU guys?  Any tips for low carb/high protein foods? or high carb/low fat meals?! I need some ideas!

Sup, Nuggets.

Sup, Nuggets.


It’s been a loooooong week.  I’ve taken on some nutritional/exercise advice from someone who knows, like REALLY knows.  So this week I dubiously upped my calories and added way more protein than I was used to eating, on their advice.  I say dubious because I panic when calories go up that I am going to go up with them, even though I keep reading EVERYWHERE sometimes less isn’t more, sometimes more means best.  So I did, not by a huge amount, an amount I was comfy with.. and I am happy to say I lost 5.5lbs this week! (I did weigh naked, so give or take 1lb for my dress I normally wear when I get weighed in public).   I’m happy! I didn’t eat LOADS, but I did make sure my protein was up, my fat didn’t go over and I still had carbs, albeit probably a little less than I am used to, but still sensible amounts.  I don’t want to cut anything out, I want something sustainable.

I feel stuffed all the time though, which is hard going, I do not do well with feeling full, it makes me feel a little sick, but I think it’s all about balancing, not stuffing and stuffing in one meal, little and often.

Still, its a nice dent in my weight and I hope this week I can follow it up with 1 or 2lbs to match!


I am on MFP as willowzee, also on fitbit as willowzee, and shockingly, on instagram as heatherfev21 if anybody feels like following or wants to be friends.



I appear to have fallen off mine and lost it!

Well technically that isn’t true, I am still on it, but I decided to quit WW.  I have spent over £90 so far and lost approx 4lbs.  It just isn’t for me this time, for whatever reason.  I have been speaking to someone that has lost a bunch of weight and he’s advising me at the minute, so I’ll give THAT a shot.  So far it looks like I have to exercise more (BOO) and eat wayy more calories and protein (YAYY but maybe BOOOO).

Anything at this point is worth a shot!   I didn’t do much exercise last week – mainly because I was in so much agony.  I had a bout of Torticullis – and got put on cocodamol and diclofenac and I could barely move for a few days, but I am feeling a lot better and today I have started walking again.

So that’s about it really, I do feel like giving up, but I won’t – I’ll just try another way.  Who doesn’t want to stuff their face full of protein?! And to be honest last time I exercised more I know I felt better  for it AND saw changes – so.. here we go again.