Rookie Error

Rookie Error

Today I made a rookie error, I opened the fridge in a state of sheer desperationstarvation.  Last night my eldest was ill, very ill – at least it appeared the world was ending and her insides were falling out, so I ended up in Casualty from 8pm til 2pm – where there was no food in sight, and I had 18 points to eat!   Needless to say I had 18 points left over yesterday – BTW the girly is fine, well she’s not fine but it wasn’t her appendix, it’s a poop situation, literally.

This left me absolutely Hank Marvin this morning, so I got up with my eyes not co-operating, I made the little one breakfast, I made her lunch – well actually she made it, I just supervised it to make sure that there was at least some sort of balanced diet going on – not just 3 Maryland Cookies, A Yoghurt never to be opened, a Nutella Sandwich (BANNED FROM SCHOOL! – damn nut allergies) and a half eaten strawberry hidden between bags of mini Buttons.    I couldn’t be arsed to sort myself out like most mornings so grabbed a banana. YAY. FRUIT!

This cut it until I got home again – I took the morning off from work to watch the eldest and make sure she lived to whine another day – and then BOOM – FRIDGE ATTACK.  Now my fridge, because of this diet, is actually full of things I could easily eat, but no, not this morning, this bad boy needed BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD things.  So, what did I end up with you ask? WHAT? A SCOTCH EGG WITH A RUNNY MIDDLE and oh my god it took all my willpower to not eat both of them.   I did point it, 7 points.. well tbh porridge is 5-7 too so wth, why not have one every morning?!

I didn’t eat anything else until lunch, but we had a Dr’s appointment and I was too busy watching reruns of The Bill to worry about thinking ahead – ANOTHER ERROR.  After the Dr’s we trudge to the little Asda and ugh, they SUCK.   The only “good for you” sandwich they had was  Chicken and Sweetcorn and I laugh in the face of Chicken and Sweetcorn and what do I grab? A 12in Pork and Stuffing Sub.  I can tell you I haven’t had anything 12in and stuffed quite so quickly in a long time.  IT WAS DELICIOUS! I just sat and ate it at my desk, then, and only then, while I was on a Pork high – I pointed it.


I know what I have done, I have let sleep and cranky and lazy make me make poor choices, but oh my god, they were some delicious effin’ choices and today I shall just be thankful my child can still whinge at me, I can still see the humour in 14 MOTHERTRUCKING POINT subs and make childish jokes about ramming 12in tasty things into my mouth.