Plodding on.

Plodding on.

Here I am,  plodding on!  

I said when I started going to classes I’d not get on the scales at home,  we all know scales can be off and I told myself nope,  wait until you go the class and let that me your only time on the scales,  don’t be ruled by it.  So weigh in..  It’s kinda like a Kinder Egg,  a really shitty kinder egg with no chocolate,  no toy but if you’re lucky perhaps carrying around a little less fat.

I’ve not done so great yet today as I’ve been out and about,  I’ve had fruit,  coffee,  a slice of toast and then my stomach wigged out and I had a packet of crisps.   One of my faves,  Seabrooks Sea Salted.   Only a small bag from a multipack,  won’t be too bad.   FIVE BLOODY POINTS!! oh well,  they were great, and I shared with the dog.

In most aspects of life I am and always have beeb fairly organised,  but lately with everything going on around me I’ve just lost the art of concentration and general common sense seems to have seeped from my brain and been replaced with gibberish.

I need to plan,  meal plan,  snack plan,  life plan.  Planning is key.   Oh I guess I also have to accept my shitty Kinder Egg weigh in is better for me than a chocolate one,  so acceptance and planning.  That’s what I need.