Update.. HI!

Update.. HI!


It’s been a while, nothings changed, well actually I am 2lb lighter, or I was until I ruined it all with Pizza over the weekend, but ho hum!

I am still fighting the good fight,  and losing.  If someone would have said to me, you’ll hit 35 and losing weight becomes SO FU**ING HARD, I would have laughed, but I am seriously beginning to wonder if that is the case.  I have now tried literally everything (ok not everything) and I am STILL struggling.  I see success stories and inspirational stories and I know, I KNOW this is all down to me, but I am struggling so hard with juggling so many friggin balls that I just feel like I am swamped and they are all raining down on me!

I have to, and I mean HAVE TO start eating more veg, and meat and proper meals, not just snacks here and there, I need to make sure my protein is above 100,  I feel so much better when it is, and I know that carbs are NOT my friend in huge quantities, last week I had a day eating almost nothing but carbs and boy oh boy was I sluggish the next day!

I have taken on quite a Slimming World approach to it really, in my head, seeing lean meats as free, veg and fruit to an extent and trying to eat better carbs, but it’s so not easy!

I think I struggle without someone there to rally me on, at meetings I always felt a sense of achievement losing weight, just like with me studying for my GCSE now,  it’s online with a Tutor at the end of the phone/email but I would find it far easier following direction from someone in front of me than I am reading a sodding book.

God I need things to change, I just can’t seem to shake myself up! 😦  Hints or tips appreciated and welcomed, please!