Week 3!

Week 3!

I am not very happy with this, but not unhappy either.  Last week I went out a few times, I managed to have half a cheese and tomato pizza at the tattoo convention, 2 cocktails during happy hour at Frankie and Bennys, and I also took the kids to BK and had Chicken Fries and some Mozzarella dippers, oh and I absent mindedly swept a snack pork pie into my mouth that the small child left on her plate, so I cannot and should not grumble!   I made the choices, I need to suck it up!  It could have been worse.

Determined to get back on it tho, tracking properly again on the website, I bought a lovely diary to fill out but unless I carry it around I forget, but I aim to log it SOMEWHERE.   I already messed up today thinking 2 Slimming World bars were my HExB, turns out I was only allowed one, so that’s 6 syns down already, just goes to show you need to be so vigilant!   Everyone always says oh i don’t want to follow a diet I just want to eat better, which essentially happens when you do Slimming World, I don’t feel like I am missing out or it’s a massive trauma that I need special food for, I just need to remember I can’t shovel it all in, well I can, but I will have to suck up any gains 😛

I also decided today I want to be a runner, yes, I want to be one of THOSE ppl.   I see ppl on my FB running and getting medals and I’m like I WANT A DAMN MEDAL, MAN!  So I am going to look into getting a treadmill cos running in public? LOLNOTRIGHTNOWLOL.  And I am going to do my C25k, up it to C210k once i’m a bit fitter then start actually entering races and shit, well not races, I don’t want to WIN, I just want to finish.