Week 3!

Week 3!

I am not very happy with this, but not unhappy either.  Last week I went out a few times, I managed to have half a cheese and tomato pizza at the tattoo convention, 2 cocktails during happy hour at Frankie and Bennys, and I also took the kids to BK and had Chicken Fries and some Mozzarella dippers, oh and I absent mindedly swept a snack pork pie into my mouth that the small child left on her plate, so I cannot and should not grumble!   I made the choices, I need to suck it up!  It could have been worse.

Determined to get back on it tho, tracking properly again on the website, I bought a lovely diary to fill out but unless I carry it around I forget, but I aim to log it SOMEWHERE.   I already messed up today thinking 2 Slimming World bars were my HExB, turns out I was only allowed one, so that’s 6 syns down already, just goes to show you need to be so vigilant!   Everyone always says oh i don’t want to follow a diet I just want to eat better, which essentially happens when you do Slimming World, I don’t feel like I am missing out or it’s a massive trauma that I need special food for, I just need to remember I can’t shovel it all in, well I can, but I will have to suck up any gains 😛

I also decided today I want to be a runner, yes, I want to be one of THOSE ppl.   I see ppl on my FB running and getting medals and I’m like I WANT A DAMN MEDAL, MAN!  So I am going to look into getting a treadmill cos running in public? LOLNOTRIGHTNOWLOL.  And I am going to do my C25k, up it to C210k once i’m a bit fitter then start actually entering races and shit, well not races, I don’t want to WIN, I just want to finish.


A Bit of a Panic!

A Bit of a Panic!

So,  tomorrow is weigh in day and I am in a bit of a panic.  I’ve had to eat out TWICE this week – and the first time I was good and swapped fries for jacket potato, but I did have two cocktails, and the 2nd time I had no choice but pizza or tacos, so opted for pizza – only eating 2 slices.  I have been on track the rest of the week.  I made the mistake of weighing myself this evening.  Yesterday morning I was half an lb away from being in the next stone bracket down, today – after food mind you – I am 4.5lbs OVER that bracket and I am in a flap that I won’t have lost anything tomorrow evening 😦

I am going to be lucky if I have lost anything, hell I’ll be lucky if I’ve maintained!  I have mixed up the diet a bit this week and eaten a lot of pasta, which I normally steer away from, so maybe that won’t suit me at all.

No point in worrying but I so desperately want to do well!  SIGH! WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW!

Weigh Day Number 2!

Weigh Day Number 2!

HAYYY YOU GUIIIIIIISE – I DID IT!  I lost 3lbs this week to get to my first half a stone and just 2 weeks in! Now, I do have a lot to lose (well, a few stone) but I am so so so so CHUFFED!

I got my nifty little sticker and they asked if I wanted a certificate and of course I was all HELLL YEAH! I want to document my achievements so that it spurs me on!   If I get to 1stone lost I get a present (not from Slimming World, obvs) – so that is motivation in itself! Well that and you know, being healthy and shit.

Apparently I have lost the equivalent of 30 sticks of butter, I did say I wonder if I ate 30 sticks of butter if I’d put 7lbs on, and then it was suggested I use Nangerine™ (you know, that butter you used to have at your Nans that tasted like cheap margarine but wasn’t? Yeah I trademarked that – REALLY REALLY) – but I think I’ll give it a miss.

I did keep a diary this week and I was quite surprised by the fact that I lost as much because I thought I ate a lot!

My typical day consists of fruit when I wake up and a fizzy drink (soz water, you just don’t cut it) – then I have a skinny latte/capp around 10am at work, at around 10.30 I have my overnight oats (god bless them) and then I have my lunch which is usually syn free, or just a handful of syns and then at night I cook something, I’ve had mince, chicken and even garlic bread this week – and I also had a whole bottle of low calorie wine (yum) at my besties for catch up night along with crackers, cheese and meats that were not syn free in any way shape or form so I am over the moon!

One thing I did do last week was make my own SW Donuts:

I was very skeptical – but they turned out great.  Recipe is:

  • 1 Wholemeal Roll (I used my HExB)
  • Filling if desired (I used 1.5 syns of Jam)
  • Frylight
  • Sweetner

You poke a hole in the roll, fill with your filling (or I guess you could cut the roll with a cutter and make ring donuts, no filling needed and less syns), spray with frylight, roll in sweetner and then lob in a hot oven (about 180/200) for around 10 mins.  VOILA!

I was so surprised at how good it tasted, I really did just expect it to taste like a hot jam sandwich.  I guess if you can’t use your HExB it is a hefty synned treat at around 6syns depending on your size of roll, but hey – it’s lower than a regular donut!

I am excited for next weeks weigh in now, I just hope I keep it up – I’d be happy (I wouldn’t really) with 1lb a week, lose a stone and a bit before Christmas!  I know I need to up my exercise but I always feel better doing that after I’ve shifted a few lbs, my knees are not the best.