IT’S A PRE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!  Ok, so I wasn’t THAT bad last week, I didn’t eat tons of crap, but I did down some booze on Saturday and like I said earlier, hoovered up around the kids food Sunday, but I was expecting a small gain, I was hopeful for a maintain! This little half a pound has really made me chuffed to bits!   I am so determined to get more next week, obviously.   I have 2.5lbs to go to my first stone, and it’s only week 6!! I am so happy right now! 😀



Ye gods, I am dreading tonight! I am hoping for a maintain, well no.. obviously I am hoping for a loss! But a maintain would do me right.

Do you get all NOOOOOOOOOOO *dreadfilled* when it’s W-In DAY!?  I tend to make this my light day for eating, I usually have Overnight Oats in the morning, then another yoghurt filled with fruit pot for lunch, that takes me to weigh in at 7pm and then I get home and stuff my face!!   Probably not the best plan, but weighing in at night is a pain in teh butt.   I don’t feel I can eat much because I want my weight to be lower, for example if we went for a Pub Lunch, I’d probably stick to Soup or Salad cos it’s light.   I dunno, I overthink!

I have been very tired and lazy this week with food and I think the scales will show that, it’s been an exhausting week for no real reason!  Maybe its my time of the month (which visits in disguise randomly, without actually being a proper thing – but with all the symptomns!)… but I am hoping for a weigh in day miracle!


Wobbly Wagon! HALP!

Wobbly Wagon! HALP!

Ugh.  I feel poop today, and it is all my own doing.   I went out on Saturday night for the first time since I started Slimming World again, and while I did not order a kebab at 1am, or eat a 12″ meat laden pizza, I did down a drink or two.  Now, that shouldn’t have affected me much and tbh it didn’t. I made sure I ate before I went out, so the drink didn’t even touch the sides, and I stuck to one kind, and also kept up with the water in between too.  It wasn’t a riotous night, just a few girls catching up, it was fun! I had a great time.

Now, yesterday it all fell apart. I wasn’t hungover in the slightest, but I was really tired, and tired = lazy.  I started off well! Muller Light and cuppa charrrrr, I didn’t really do lunch as I wasn’t hungry.. and I had a bacon/heck sausage toastie on HExB for Tea..   The kids ordered out for Pizza, I didn’t even think of ordering a thing, but of course then it hit me. THE MUNCHIES. I hoovered up bits of pizza they left, then I ate about 10 marshmallows, then one of them had a bowl of creamy rice pudding and decided she didn’t want it so I had it, oh my god it tasted SOOOOOoooOOOO good, but I knew I’d regret it, and I do.

I hopped on the scales (which I know is not helpful) this AM and was like NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think I’ll be lucky if I maintain this week, I expect to gain, only a small one, but I do and I want to kick myself.  I had been so upbeat about the diet, so happy doing it! Didn’t even FEEL like a diet, but it all sort of just fell apart a little bit for an hour or so!  Now, I am not going to turn a bad night into a bad week, I am straight back on plan today, but there is a voice niggling saying “what’s the point, eat what you want! – HAVE MORE RICE PUDDING!” but I know it’s because I am tired and disappointed in myself. We all faulter, I know that, but meh! TUT!

I am just so tired! I feel I need so much more energy just to focus, I’ve been ignoring it and just ploughing forward trying my best.  Maybe I need to  change it up a little.  I quite often do not eat my syns at all, not even 1 – this is because the food I have fills me up and it’s free!  The first few weeks as I said in my last post I think I tried harder to make sure I ate at least 5 a day, so I had little treats, did eat some syns, but also filled up on the free goodies, so in todays lunch I added a packet of Hula Pufts! 3.5 each, it’s a start! I’m sure I’ll have a few with dinner too!

I am also going to start physically writing my food down, I do use the online thing but if I’m on my phone sometimes it’s a faff and I think oh i’ll do it later, then I forget.  So keeping it written down will help me stay focused.

I blame all of this entirely on Monday, even though it happened over the weekend, the dreaded monday woe kicked in early! DAMN!

Weigh in – Week 5!

Weigh in – Week 5!

So i’ve been on teh diet 5 weeks now! Is it for weeks? I’ve had 6 weigh ins so I guess yes, 5 weeks following the diet.

1lb loss this week! I can’t say I am thrilled, but I know that any loss is a loss, huge or not, and that takes my total to 11lbs lost in those 5 weeks now! So thats not so bad. I shouldn’t  complain!   I am going to go back to basics a bit this week, I’ve been trying new recipes which are great and it’s good to do, but I get so bogged down with trying new things that I sometimes let my eating habits slip.  I don’t eat over my syns or anything, but if I’m spending hours perfecting a bake, or trying something new, I get tired and i’m like MEH when it comes to eating, whereas the first week I was stuffing my face with chicken laden jacket potatoes and salad and loving it AND losing lots more weight, so I’m going to get back a bit more to that, just see how it goes!

We had a taster night at group, I made speed soup which NOBODY tried, BOO!  But that’s ok, my mum took it home for the week lol.   I tried some bits and bobs, some I didn’t care for, but there was a lovely weetabix/scan bran chocolate cake!   I haven’t tried that yet, but to be honest I am not a hugely sweet toothed person, I do love to partake in cake,  but savoury is my downfall.  If it’s hot and pizza shaped and filled with cheese, I am there.  If it’s a massive pack of salty crisps, I’ll have two!  Cakes I can take or leave, which is ironic as that’s what I’ve been trying to recreate on SW!  Although I did make my own crisps and they were delicious, I needed them a bit thinner tho so I went out and bought a Mandoline. HURRAH!

So here starts another week. I did get in last night after a syn free day and enjoy about 20 syns of carby pretzel goodness (I spotted the red cheese and onion ones in Waitrose and I couldn’t say no!) but I always tend to use weigh in night as a free night, I eat light in the day, treat myself at night and then BAM Wednesday morning back on track!

So yeah, happy days.  Sorta.




That’s right, I have found my dieting nemesis.  It goes by the delicious, deadly name of.. CAKE BATTER.  I love to bake, I really do.. I don’t do it often though as my kitchen makes me want to stab small holes into people with a knitting needle.  I did, however, bake last week on Thursday so I had some tasty treats to take to a friends for coffee we had planned.   I could have been sensible  but I chose flavour over calorie content.  I found the most delicious recipe that involves adding not just butter, but oil to your cakes but it makes them so soft and tasty!

The cakes themselves I can leave alone  but in the gooey, gloopy format of batter – I am weak.   I made sure that bowl was clean, like I even found my scraper and I scraped that bowl the the last inch of it’s plastic life and I ate the batter. I am not ashamed (ok, a little ashamed) – but it was so damn good. SO DAMN GOOD!  I then had to try a cake, of course… and then to be polite I had to eat one while I was at my friends!

To be honest I was good for the rest of the day, I barely ate anything with calorie content but apparently that was enough to send me into a bit of a spin, and ok, I did lose.. I lost 0.5 lb, which is so much better than a gain of course, but it did set me back a little.

It’s my own fault, my willpower can be shocking – especially at weekends if I go for a drink, I can’t just stop at one! Last weekend proves this – went in to a speakeasy word of mouth secret bar that had 10 coctktails on the menu, of course we had to try them all. I only had three full ones but then I went onto another bar and had 3 more, and I can’t even remember what I had at the last one but it involved pints of cider.  BAD BAD BAD!   The first cocktails also included things like butter, and jam… so yeah, it was kinda like eating a really weird alcoholic cake – except not.

I had fun though, and I suffered yesterday and just wanted to sleep all day – but I think its out of my system now, the caking, the drinking.. I just want to be healthy and lose more this week, so hold onto your hats, VEGETABLES, I am coming for you.

It’s Hump Day!

It’s Hump Day!

I am half way through my first week back counting EVERYTHING I put into my mouth, and I haven’t murdered anyone yet.

Actually that isn’t true, I almost murdered someone last night when I went to my cupboards and wanted to find my Chocolate Hot Shot to give my pudding a hint of chocolate to find it had GONE. TUT.

I need to get myself back into the routine of smoothies for breakfast, but at the minute I just tend to grab some fruit then have another piece of fruit with my 10am coffee (skimmed, of course), so yesterday was quite a low points day.  Fruit for Brekkie, 2 points of Soup for Lunch with yet more Fruit, and then that left me with an astonishing amount of points for Tea!  Not a bad thing, except Tuesdays are so long for me, I finish work at 5pm, but my youngest has her Rainbows group at 5.30pm-6.30pm, so my SiL brings her to my workplace, we snack her and my niece up, we deliver them to Rainbows and by the time I am home its 5.45pm, then I have to make sure my adorable yet incontinent little pug hasn’t crapped the hell out of the house as soon as I am home and of course by then the Teen is normally dying of starvation, so by the time I have finished faffing, found time to use the toilet, check my post and breathe I have to leave again to pick her up which means my day seems SO long, and by the time I am home and I am sorted I don’t feel like prepping a big dinner.

My plan in future is to slow cook something on Tuesdays, but last night I was like “crap” because I had so many points and nothing I really wanted to eat.  My youngest requested Fishfingers and Smiley Faces, AHA! I thought.. FISHFINGER SANDWICHES.  So thats what I did – and they were bloody delightful.

Dieting isn’t always about eating the best looking salad, avoiding all fats and fried foods, it’s about balance and I really bloody loved my Fishfinger Sarnie! – OK I have an air-fryer so nothing is deep fried, but still.  I am loving the fact that I can still eat the silly things, along with the healthy, it’s just all about the balance.